Solar Geyser (PVT.) Ltd. Islamabad

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Solar Geyser (Pvt.) Limited designs, manufactures and installs high quality thermal solar water heating systems, solar collectors, and related components.

Products are designed and manufactured to meet international product quality and engineering standards, and have a strong emphasis on simplistic design and ease of installation and use.



Thermosyphon - Evacuated Glass Tubes Solar Water Heater

  • Solar Geyser 170 Liters, Model SG-5-170
  •  Solar Geyser 218 Liters, Model SG-5-218
  • Solar Geyser 135 Liters, Model SG-5-270
  • Solar Geyser 135 Liters, Model SG-5-320
  •  Model SG-5-320, Solar Geyser 135 Liters


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Contact Details

TEL: 92-512353586, 92-512353606
Fax: 92 51 235 36 99

Lower Ground Floor, Al Kausar Plaza, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad Pakistan

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