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About Us

Institute of Career Development has been working with adult learners, who want to excel in their fields, since its birth in 2008. It is for the fact that we provide quality education that we have been able to obtain myriad affiliations with well reputed organizations. We are working with individuals as well as time-honored institutions and organizations with similar objectives.

This means that not only do we encourage the students who come at our site to quench their thirst of knowledge; but, we also provide out-campus training’s in which we go to the campuses of different organizations to train their staff and students with regard to their requirements.

We offer two types of courses at ICD: Courses for Educational Guidance and Courses for Career Development. These courses highlight and examine the core aspects of educational and career  preparation.

ICD offers 

Exams of Cambridge Assessment English, University of Cambridge UK – CAE, FCE, BEC, KET

  • ETS TOEFL iBT exams at its 4 centers.
  • Cambridge Teaching Qualifications including CELTA, CELT-P, CELT-S, EMI and TKT face to face and  as well as online. ICD act as an external center for DELTA exams
  • TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language at its centers in Islamabad Lahore and Karachi
  • ACT exams at its 3 centers – Also Pre ACT, ACT practice online, ACT official Guide
  • HSK Chinese Language Exams of Level 1, II, III, IV, V and HSKK / BCT and YCT exams
  • NCC UK Top up Degree programs and Level 4 Diploma in Business
  • PTE Pearson Test of English General, Pearson Go and PTE Academic preparations
  • Occupational English Test Preparation – OET
  • ICD also act as exam centers for distance learning PhD and Master programs for various UK and US / Canadian Universities

We offer all means and facilities necessary for practical exercises which enable students to relate to and customize the learning to meet their own needs. Students here, also gain the opportunity to give oral presentations, submit assignments and reports and perform activities that are imperative for most educational and career paths today. We guide and advise you throughout all aspects of your desired course, while allowing for flexibility in each tutorial, given the diverse needs of all groups.

All ICD forms at one place
  • Cambridge Assessment English exams registration like CAE, FCE, BEC, KET  Click here to register
  • HSK Chinese Language exams Click here to register for HSK exams
  • Exam rescoring – Cambridge exams – Click here to submit request Exam Review Process

Preparation Classes, Courses @ ICD
  • Submit this form to register your interest to study at ICD for preparation of language exam
  • To order online practice tests and courses ( PTE Academic online course, TOEFL iBT, IELTS, CAE, HSK online practice tests  submit this form –
  • To order TOEFL practice online submit this form
  • Book Order form – To order books about exams CAE, TOEFL, ACT, OET, IELTS, TKT, CELT S/P, CELTA etc. Submit this form 
  • Preparation course admission  form at Lahore center – For internal use. To be completed for all ICD students registered for Prep classes at ICD Lahore

Students Requests, Feedback, Post Exam requets
  • Student Complaint form to file a complaint
  • Feedback about ICD services, staff, exams and centers- Submit feedback form

Financial and Accounts, Scholarships, Fee Matters, Refunds
  • Refund Request form 
  • Scholarship Application form 
  • For ICD Lahore Account Details / pay online / Bank transfer ICD Lahore Payment Page_Updated April 2018

CELTA course forms
  • CELTA Application form 
  • CELTA Discussion Board – Click here to discuss anything you want to share with peers and fellow teachers.

Teaching Qualifications at ICD ( CELT S/P, TKT, Teaching passport, TEFL, EMI and others )
  • Teaching Qualification Enquiry form 
  • Teaching Qualification Admission form – for all centers Lahore Karachi and Islamabad
  • For Students studying at ICD for a teaching course – Request form for any kind of application 

Prospective Speaking Examiners for Cambridge exams
  • Speaking Examiner Application form to apply at first stage.
  • Speaking Examiner Nomination  form to be submitted once asked by ICD   SE Application Form

All other forms of ICD
  • PELTA – Pakistan English Language Teacher Association – Institutional membership form
  • PELTA – Membership form for individual teachers
  • To register as ICD Alumni and receive regular updates, invitations – submit ICD Alumni form

NCC Qualications and Degree programs ( For Top up UK Degree programs and Diplomas awarded by NCC UK) 
  • NCC Qualifications Enquiry form 
  • NCC Qualifications admission form 
  • ICD Facebook page is at

For Study Abroad advise visit or – SCS is ICD parent company advising students for overseas admissions, scholarships and student visa assistance.

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Contact Details

TEL: 051-111-189-190

Hotline:: 03-111-999-100


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