Direction School, Pakistan's FirstSTEM Based Islamic School, Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi

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About Us

The sole purpose of education is to realise the greatness of Allah and the His Beloved Prophet ?. Knowledge of the world and the practice of our beliefs should be integrated into a cohesive whole for education.

Education must nurtures innate intelligence with strong problem-solving and analytical abilities through hands-on active learning that allows students to experiment, collate information, draw inferences and to arrive at their own conclusions.

The mission of DIRECTION Schools is shaping of the following Muslim character

“A Muslim looks for spiritual goals through all his worldly efforts. Fear of Allah and Love of the Holy Prophet ? is the strength of his life. His behaviour reflects Islamic morals and values. The pursuit of knowledge is among his highest priorities. Faith and action work together to lead him toward progress and service to humanity.”

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TEL: 021-34839843




Office no. C-4, 3rd Floor, Osif Centre, Block 13/A, Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi.

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