International School Of CORDOBA, Canal View Lahore

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The philosophy of International School of Cordoba (ISC) is based on the unique 4-C Model that focuses on Cause, Commitment, Character, and Competence.


The centerpiece of our philosophy is clarity of cause for which a child comes to school. Every child at our schools shall be encouraged to think what he/she likes to become, i.e. the ultimate goal of his/her education. Unlike the vast majority of children our students’ objective shall not be to become just a doctor, engineer, scientist, pilot, but a good and successful human being along with professional excellence.


After internalization of the above objective, ISC students shall be made to understand the importance of their total commitment which is absolutely necessary for their holistic development. As a result they will demonstrate punctuality, total attention to their learning and dedication to complete their tasks as per plans.


Our curriculum is placing tremendous focus on character-building of children. We are taking an innovative approach in this field. Instead of total reliance on traditional subjects like “Deeniyaat” or “Islamiyaat” we are integrating the concepts of “Honesty”, “Sense of Responsibility”, “Cleanliness”, “Care for Environment”, and the like in the curriculum, including related activities and assessments. This approach will ensure that children develop a high moral character.


Our focus on character-building should not be perceived as if we are compromising on the academic side. Students at International School of Cordoba shall be engaged in an environment of enhancing skills and competencies in all developmental domains, be it intellectual, physical, or social and emotional development.

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