OASIS School, Jati Umra Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan

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About Us

Oasis is the  first  fully equipped  school  for  children  with Autism  Spectrum  Disorders  (ASDs)

Commencing as a mother's dream, it infiltrated into reality through a very challenging path in April 2010. Understanding autism means to apply multi-dimensional skills,including empathetic ability to comprehend the pain of the family.Any one from any background,ethnicity or geographic location can have autism. Hence like a ray of hope on the horizon,there are institutions that help children with autism to progress positively.In this chiche filled world of preconceived notions,we support and help these children to achieve their best. At Oasis our efforts are geared towards eradicating stigmas and promoting acceptance and understanding of anyone who is different. The benchmark of being

'different' cannot find a more pertinent manifestation than in autism.

Working with autism is a very intensive and comprehensive undertaking that involves the child's entirefamily and our team of professionals. Oasis School provides a high standard of education along with relevant therapies to enable each child to develop to his/her full potential in a calmand relaxing environment that maximizes communication and learning for everyone.

The school is situated in the Sharif Medical City Complex a suburban area in the south of Lahore, Pakistan. Tl>b "lrea has substantially developed over the past few years with new roads and good

access le:lhe citv.

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Contact Details

TEL: 92-42-37860023, 37860024

Fax: 92-42-37860025

email: Info@Oasis.Org.Pk


Sharif Medical City - Jati Umra Raiwind Road Gate No.3 Near Sharif Education Complex Lahore, Pakistan.

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