Sir Syed Education Foundation Of Pakistan, Main GT road Hasanabdal, Attock, Punjab

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About Us

Sir Syed School of Excellence has been pioneered with the objective to fulfill the requirements of advance,sophisticated,challenging and skillful learning. Sir Syed School of Excellence proudly offers a curriculum to meet the social, religious and ethical challenges of Pakistan. Sir Syed Foundation is determined to provide extra ordinary faculty to groom and nourish the next generation of Pakistan and to ensure the excellent schooling. Moreover, the personality grooming of the learners will be the main precedence of the scheme. Our aim is to achieve optimum standards of quality education to prepare the next leadership of Pakistan and to provide unique sons of the soil to motherland.

Salient Features
  • Sir Syed Education Foundation intends to convert young kids into confident,Bold,courageous members of society to face the challenges of the globalization.
  • To inculcate innovative,intellectual and learning qualities into our kids through extremely specialized supervision.
  • Provision of advanced, sophisticated learning tools,equipment and knowledge skills.
  • Focus on social,religious and ethical traits of the learners.
  • Extracurricular activities under the guidance of coaches of national fame.
  • National level faculty with lifelong learning attitude.
  • Quality education at affordable fee package.
  • Well stocked library for reference study.
  • Well-equipped science and IT labs.
  • Liaison between parents and teachers.

Our Students

Students are the next leaders of the nation . Pakistan is at the verge of survival and our country strongly requires intellectuals, professionals and experts from all walks of the life to regain its prosperity and development. Sir Syed Education Foundation is chalking out such a strategy that kids who are handed over to our campuses in P.G level,must be converted into extra ordinary members of community when they leave us at matric or O-level. It is a bitter fact that only those nations survive who,nourish a skillful,confident and honest generation. Sir Syed Education Foundation is well versed with the challenges of Pakistani society. Our heads of the campuses,teaching faculty,sports coaches and all other instructors focus on the hidden capabilities and capacities of our learners and offers them such a curriculum and activities that these new kids become good human beings,IT specialist,military leaders,sportsmen,renowned professionals,religious scholars and the utmost,honest persons.We not only provide facilities of debates,declamation contest,Essay and story writing competitions,rather we offer best computer education and familiarity to Quran and Sunnah.Our ambition is that our kids should be second to none.

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Contact Details

TEL: 057- 2523313

Cell: 03335046568,03030558100



Main GT road Hasanabdal, opposite Hassan Medical Complex. Attock, Punjab

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