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Rawal General and Dental Hospital (RG&DH) recently established Rawal Cardiac Center. RG&DH provides general and special Cardiac care along with open heart surgery. Currently, more than 22 surgeries done in last month, all of the patients well recovered and satisfied.


Open heart surgery for:
• Coronary artery bypass grafting
• Valve repair/ replacement
• Mitral valve replacement
• Aortic valve replacement
• Tricuspid valve replacement
• Aortic Root Replacement
• Ventricular aneurysm
• Excision left atrial myxoma
• Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)
• Many other procedures are done with great expertise


• Cardiac ICU.
• 10 bedded ICU facility
• Intensive Care provided to the post-operative patient after open heart surgery.
• Pre-operative Cardiac Intensive Care unit with complete specifications.


• Pulse oximetry
• Ventilators (Hamilton G5)
• Invasive and Non-Invasive Blood pressure monitoring
• Crash cart with Defibrillators and emergency drugs
• Temporary pacemakers available
• ECG machines
• Portable cardiac monitors
• Cardiac monitors with invasive monitoring facilities
• Wall oxygen and junction apparatus


Highly experienced and excellent cardiac anesthesia team and latest operation theater facilities run by excellent cardiac surgeons, perfusionists, and their team.

   “No waiting list for open heart surgery. Emergency open heart surgery can be performed without any delay.”

Future Plan

State-of-the-art Cath lab, CT Angiography, and MRI being established along with the facilities of Post-CATH ward with highly trained staff and advanced cardiac monitoring equipment.


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Contact Details

Office Tel:92-51-2617381-83


0334 7003031

Admission Office / Student Affair: +92-51-2617384
Fax: +92-51-2617388


Rawal Institute of Health Sciences, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

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