Motion Ride, Murree Road Faizabad, Islamabad

Added at 12:00 Jan 11, 2018 Ad Code: SLCPK-1383044248

FX Motion Ride for Sale: Salient Features: 8 Persons Fastest and Thrilling Ride. The 8 seats are two seats per platform,Every Group Seats/platform can be controlled separately as Separate control box for every two seats. If you need to do the maintenance,only turn off one set platform, No Need to stop all the cinema. Safe time and your Business hours More beautiful for layout * UnLimited Ride Films Available * Fastest Ride Movements of Left, Right, Up, Down, Back, Front, Jolts, Thrill, Tilt, Yaw, Heave, Pitch, Roll * Water mists, * Rain, * Fog, * Wind on Your Face, * Leg Tickler, * Dolby Surround Sound, * Laser Lights, * Thunder, * Air Jets, * Back Vibrator, * Fire Effect, * Thigh Tickling, * Snow * and many more Effects.

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