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The legacy of Tehzeeb dates back beyond 100 years. The strong originates from the famous historic place Shimla which served the sub-continent as the summer capital. Our saga begins with Chaudhry Hakeemuddin Noon, our honorable grandfather was as rare in his breed as the bread, he started baking at Roti Godown in Shimla.
Chaudhry Hakeemuddin Noon fast became the symbol of quality and hospitality as he opened the most popular bakery of the region by the name of “Shimla Bakery”. This later became the most popular household brand of Rawalpindi cantonment after partition. With the next generation in business, the heritage of Shimla was conferred upon Rahat Bakery which was run by the sons of Chaudhry Hakeemuddin. The promise of uncompromising quality and unparalleled standards was upheld through ages. We become synonym of quality and standard in bakery and baked food

Our Products


  • We offer vast variety of traditional and seasonal food items such as fast food, cakes, cookies, desserts, coffees dinner rolls etc.
  • Each item is freshly prepared and we never keep it for days.
  • We never compromise in quality standards, we are aware of the good nutritious diet. Therefore our food items are made with such ingredients which add more nutrition and keep you healthy.
  • We also prepare custom food items for your celebrations whether it is a birthday party, a marriage celebration or whatever, you can contact us with any requirement.
  • Brilliant Sanative conditions for interior and surroundings of the bakery to implement quality standards.
  • Outstanding customer service.


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TEL: +92 51 2100901, +92 51 2100902,

Fax: +92 51 2100903

email: info@tehzeeb.com


Suleman market, F-11/2 Islamabad


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